Palm Leaf

There’s unattainable beauty in simplicity. Simple design stands out with natural elegance. When all other things are left aside, all that remains is beauty in its purest form. A palm leaf in the shape of your will. Unattainable beauty within reach.


Wooden boats are sailing across the sea of monotony to showcase food like never before. Delicate food, delicately shown.


Going back to the basics. To the very origin. Origin finds us eating with wooden cutlery. As noble, smooth and vintage as only wood can be.

Sugar Cane

From the ground to the ground. Nature being both, beginning and end. Sugar cane bagasse, the pulp material remaining after the extraction of the sugar juice, being transformed. From waste to sustainable pack through milling and design. From pack to ground through composting and new life.


Corn starch as common starting point, endless paths to take from there. Compostable way leads to a secret landscape hidden at plain sight. A landscape of cups, plates, bowls and fine cutlery. Differentiation through uniqueness. Going where others can’t follow. Paradoxically, leaving a legacy in our environment is about leaving no trace behind at all.

Bamboo Pulp

Uniquely sturdy, naturally colorized and beautifully texturized. Rounded surfaces, soft edges and plain curves. Bamboo pulp packaging is where nature abundance and human design meet and shake hands.